Candidate Process


Job-hunting is a job in its self. Day-in and day-out, you get into a routine of waking up in the morning, then spending your time looking for a job, to no avail. How many times have you applied for a job, get it, only to find out you misinterpreted the job description, or the job wasn’t the right fit? At Nextgen, we provide clarity to your job searching process. Matching your skills and experience, we review your resume and credentials to ensure we place you with the right opportunity. Our unique process, prepares you for your interviews; making sure you're prepared for that dream job. We put maximum effort into every candidate that we interview because you’re our client too, and your happiness is important to us.

Submit your resume

Submitting your resume is the first step. Ideally, we prefer that you submit your resume online or to the office nearest to you. Sending your resume allows our team of experts to understand more about you, and your career aspirations. Some of our job postings may not match your qualifications 100%, that’s ok. Our team works with you to find a position that does. Also, some employers are flexible with their hiring requirements; meaning, we would go to bat for you, selling your skills to the perspective employer.

The Interview

Relax; it’s just an interview. Interviews are a key for us in understanding your qualifications, professional goals and ambitions. Understanding this, allows us to identify possible openings that best suit you. If you don’t get the job you interviewed for, that’s ok. We work with you, helping you with your interviewing techniques. We have career coaches who are able to understand you and the interview process, and are able to provide career tips.

Testing & References

I know you're probably bored of doing these tests with other staffing agencies, but depending on the position, it’s vital that we understand your skill set. Assessing your knowledge of Microsoft Suites and other applications, are vital to placing you with the right company. We promise, unless necessary, we wont give you the tests.

We require at least three references. Many of our clients ask that we check references before an actual position is filled.


Most staffing agencies send candidates to one job interview after another. We prefer to take the time and match you with the right position, maximizing your chances of success.

Let’s Get Started!
If you’ve not already done so, go ahead and send us your resume.