Resume Tips


Resumes layouts are as diverse as the people who write them, and so is the content, within the resumes, that is put in it. Some experts would tell you that your resume should be on one page. While others say it should be no more than three pages, including the cover letter. We think that the length of the resume should provide key information, which is tailored to the job you are applying for; it should be in a concise and orderly fashion, highlighting your work, and should be easy to read.

We have provided you with a template to give you a head start. There are no hard and fast rules to resume generation, but our outline is a good start. 


- To find a challenging position in……. (State what it is that you are seeking)

Professional Strengths:

- No more than six bullets going down or
Nine bullets with rows of three going across.

Professional Experience:

- Company Name, Date started, and ended
Job title
Duties (No more than six bullets)
- Repeat for each employer.

- No more than four jobs.

Education and Training

- Program taken, Accreditation received, School attended
- Repeat for each program taken.

Professional Development:

- Extra courses or skilled programs taken that helped in your career development.

Awards/ Achievements

- Things that you have done to make your self standout either at work or in your personal life.


- Six bullet points clearly naming the things that you like to do in your spare time.


- Groups you belong to.



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