Value Added Services


Our Guarantee
We provide 3 months, no cost replacement guaranteed, if original candidate leaves or is let go for any reason other than the elimination of the position.

Drug and Alcohol Screening
NextGen Staffing offers, at clients request, drug and alcohol screening. Two (2) to ten (10) panel drug screens may be requested for your proposed employees. We are able to screen your employees at your location or ours. Depending on the complexity of the test requested, results can be ready within minutes or a few days.

Background Checks
NextGen Staffing offers background checks for recruited employees or existing employees.

Criminal Record and Credit Checks
Available upon demand, by Province, these searches are crucial for employees with access to inventory, money, drugs, records, and customers. This search also helps reduce incidences of negligent hiring liability and violence in the workplace.

Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR)
The importance of this report cannot be understated. It is indicative of a potential candidates lack of control and respect for others, while on the road. Our MVR reveals a potential employees character, highlighting their behavior, attitude, or potential health problems; and is absolutely essential for truck drivers and lift truck operators.

Education and Professional License Verification
Conducted through vigorous research. Our team’s aim is to ensure that every candidate placed before you is qualified and certified.

Mental Wellness Support
NextGen Staffing recognized a need to dedicate this service to both our Payroll and Staffing clients. Noticing the rise of candidates with increased absenteeism, work place stressors and job transfers; our certified team of Psychologists aim to stem that tide. They are available 24 hours a day by phone or by appointment.


Additional Value Added Services

  • No Retainer Fees
  • Replacement Guarantee
  • Volume Discounts
  • Top Grading Interview
  • Reference Checks
  • Onsite Placement 
  • Project Direct Placement 
  • Mental Wellness Support
  • Offshore Recruting Capabilites